BOOK OUR STUDIO. FILM great videos. simple.

We’re massive advocates of filming videos yourself, whether that be on your mobile phone, a point and shoot a camera, a GoPro.

Yet there are times when you want something more professional, perhaps something with better lighting, great sound, a beautiful image…but…you don’t really need or want to hire a professional crew.

We looked around and there wasn’t really any solution, so we made one.

When you book our video production studio you get everything you need to make a great video: professional lighting, a high end camera, stunning sound, but you don’t need to pay for our creatives.

It’s simple.

You book the studio. We set it up. We show you how to stop/start the camera. You film your videos.

Our technicians will be around if you need help, otherwise it’s over to you. When you’re done we’ll send you the video clips you recorded.

Fill in the form below to get started.

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