A Word About Wind

Capturing video and photographs from two events in 24 hours

What was the brief?

We’ve been working with A Word About Wind for several years, creating a range of different videos for their marketing team. On this occasion they came to us to create a dynamic highlights video from their annual conference Financing Wind, along with a selection of testimonials from attendees. They then also tasked us with creating a video for their first ever award ceremony – European Wind Investment Awards.

Alongside the videos, we were also capturing photographs of both events. Oh, and the two events were on the same day – the conference during the day and the awards ceremony in the evening.

How did we approach the project?

We’ve captured many events before and for us the key is to make sure we capture every moment in detail so that we can create an in-depth showcase of everything that happened.

Before the events we worked with A Word About Winds marketing and events team to work out exactly what needed capturing through the two events and put together a list of people we should grab for interviews for the testimonials and main videos.

On the day itself we had three camera operators with roaming cameras working throughout the two venues, capturing video clips and photographs. We set up an interview area during the breakdown locations against a branded backdrop that we could take interviewees over to as and when we were able to get access to them.

This approach aloud us to remain flexible and nimble throughout the day so that we could react to things quickly. Events can be unpredictable and filming schedules often change so we had to be able to roll with these changes.

During the editing process we split the two events across multiple editors so that we could delivers videos for feedback from both events simultaneously. Overall we ended up delivering over 15 separate videos across both events including 2x highlights video, several testimonials and clips from the awards being handed out. We also delivered over 100 photographs from both events.