Gemma Pearce Fitness

What services did we provide?

On this project we provided video production and photography services.

What was the brief?

Gemma Pearce Fitness is a group of local dance and fitness instructors, run by Gemma Pearce, providing a wide range of dance based fitness classes and programs. Gemma wanted to create a video, primarily for her website, that gave new customers a real insight into the types of exercise classes available and a greater understanding of what the classes were like. Alongside the video she was also looking for a range of photos featuring a mix of action packed images, as well as photos of her and her team, to help personalise the company and allow people to get to know the instructors. These photos were to be used across her website as well as other digital marketing activities, again to allow new customers to get to know the team and gain further insights into what it’s like to attend one of Gemma’s classes.

What was our approach?

The biggest challenge with this project was that we only had a few hours to capture everything; a selection of Gemma’s clients had volunteered their time on a Saturday morning to feature in the video and photos. We didn’t want to keep people too long or sacrifice too much of their weekend, so it was important that we be able to capture everything quickly and efficiently. The shoot took place at Drayton Village Hall where Gemma and her team regularly run classes.

It was important from the start that we capture the “real” vibe of the classes; we wanted real sweat, real smiles, real energy. To achieve this we gave Gemma and her instructors free range to do what they would normally do during each class. Given the time restrictions we made a point to approach the shoot in a fairly simple way. Our creative approach was to allow the camera and the camera operator the freedom to get right into the action, without disturbing the flow of the classes. We didn’t want to muck around with specialist camera rigs that would have taken time away from the shoot.

Both the video and photography camera were operated hand held to allow our creative team to jump very quickly between stills and video, responding to opportunities as they came up. We could have stopped the classes at any time if we wanted the instructors to do something specific, but we wanted to make sure that was a last resort so as not to lose time – we were also conscious Gemma’s clients had offered their own time so wanted to ensure they got a good workout as a thank you. Alongside our main video camera we also had a small stabilised camera to allow us to whizz around the action and capture some really dynamic footage.

Gemma and her team took the participants through 20 minute sessions of each exercise, during this time, our team worked quickly, moving around the village hall capturing a selection of video clips and stills. It was important that we captured both Gemma and her team running the classes, as well as the participants, to really showcase what goes on in each session and highlight just how much their clients enjoy the workouts.

What was the final result?

In the end we provided Gemma with 4x short videos: a 60 second promotional video that whizzed through snippets of each class, as well as several shorter videos that went into a little more details about classes. We also delivered 40 photos including several fantastic shots of Gemma and her instructors surrounded by their clients.

Following the launch of her videos and their implementation into her existing marketing activities, Gemma told us that since she starting using the videos in her marketing, she has seen sign ups of over 150 new members across her suite of classes.

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