It’s Time For Change


On this project we provided video production, photography and graphic design services.


It’s Time For Change, run by Lisa Lloyd. Lisa wanted to undertake a complete rebrand of her business, including a fresh new logo, colours and guidelines, new business cards, blog template, headshot and behind the scenes photos, and a promotional video that explained who she was and how she worked. The delivery of these assets needed to coincide with a new website that she was having built simultaneously.


There were lots of different deliverables in this project, so let’s break them down bit by bit, starting with the branding.


Before coming up with any concepts we wanted to understand Lisa and her business in a more intimate manor and really delve into how she likes to work and who specifically her target clients were. We also worked closely with her web designer to ensure that the conversations they were having around look, feel and tone, matched our own thoughts and conversations as it was important that all aspects of the business married up succinctly.

Our design team firstly started working on a series of concepts for the new company logo, developing ten initial ideas. Lisa had originally mentioned that she liked the idea of a butterfly as inspiration for her new logo, citing the way that a butterfly morphs from a cocoon seemed fitting for a company that helps organisation with change. After looking through a number of designs and ideas we arrived at an origami butterfly, something that seemed to compliment this idea of change. Following the initial sign off of the logo, we also needed to develop the colour tone and font style for the new branding, searching for styles and colours that matched Lisa’s personality and the way she works.

The final part of the design brief was design new business cards for Lisa to use, as well as a blog template for her website. Our design team put together a number of different concepts, before arriving at the final designs. These were then handed over to Lisa in a print ready format so that she could get them presented as and when she needed, from whatever printer or website she wanted.


Lisa wanted the video to be different. Whilst she wanted to be featured in it and knew that she needed to be the one talking, she wanted to avoid the usual corporate look and feel. We knew we needed to create something that would stand out and really challenge what would be expected. After exploring a number of different ideas we took inspiration from common FAQ type questions and decided to create a video around the concept of “debunking psychology” and answering key questions that would be running through people’s minds. To add an extra twist and to avoid the usual boring white office environment, we decided to film Lisa outside in her back garden and rebuild her living room out there.

We next had to think about how best to get Lisa discussing specific topics and cover certain points of information without it appearing to much like a corporate interview. in keeping with the fun tone we were looking to capture we decided to have Lisa answer questions from cue-cards, much like a TV show host would read from, which would be handed to her from someone off screen, similarly to the way in which Oprah is handed cards from a stage hand. She would then read the questions aloud and answer them. Each question focused on a specific topic and something that most often misunderstand when a psychologist is brought into a corporate environment. This format allowed Lisa to have fun with the questions, but also have the room to expand and delve into the information in as much detail as she liked.


The main use for the photos was to build a suite of images that Lisa could use across her website, to personalise it and bring visitors into her world. Lisa works from home, so for the headshots we decided use the gorgeous backdrop her house has, and shoot a number of different photos of her in her garden. For the behind the scenes photos, Lisa arranged for several of her friends and professional colleagues to pretend to be workshop participants and clients. She’d booked out some meeting room spaces and we mocked up a workshop environment. Whilst these photos weren’t captured during a live workshop, we wanted to ensure they still have that authentic, candid feeling. To achieve this we asked Lisa to guide her friends through the content of a normal workshop, so that we could get people interacting with her and each other.


The final result is a new brand that is energetic, authentic and visually surprising, a brand that is a world away from what you would expect from the industry Lisa works in. From the video standpoint, not only did we deliver the full promotional video, but we were also able to break down Lisa’s answers into shorter, bitesize clips as well that she has since been using on social media. Her photos now sit pride of place on her new website and provides her with a lot of options for further digital marketing work.