Riverbank IT Management Case Study


On this project we provided graphic design services.


Riverbank IT are an Oxfordshire based IT company, supporting medium sized businesses with all manor of IT and Cyber Security support. When Riverbank approached us, they were looking for three key things:


We split the project into 3 parts and started with the rebrand. We knew that whatever we decided here would in some way influence the look and style of the other design assets. Riverbank already had some ideas around new colours, so we spent time discussing and exploring how these would fit in with their suite of services and looking at how they would work together as a cohesive brand. At the same time, our design team developed a selection of icon concepts for the four key service lines, which allowed us to start to play with possible colours and see how they worked with each service. During this stage, we also made the collective decision to allocate each service with its own colour as a way to further differentiate and separate them from one another – something that would be more apparent in the promotional brochure and the sales documents.

Once the rebrand was finished, we start work simultaneously on the brochure and sales documents. As with the branding, each service line would have its own sales document design, whilst the designs were somewhat similar, we used the newly adopted colours, icons and imagery to different the different services and documents from one another. We first build a base template for the documents, defining and style and layout that would work across the board, with specific elements that would change depending on the service line.

To develop this template we took content from a pre-existing document to understand how much content would go into these assets and whether there were any specific elements such as graphs or charts that we needed to be aware of. Once we had arrived at the final template design, Riverbank handed over the content for the documents which we then loaded into the templates, tweaking the individual content slightly to ensure the information flowed well.

For the promotional brochure, we first looked at examples of brochure styles that Riverbank liked. They showed us a brochure that had previously been given to them, that matched the shape and style that they were looking for. We broke down the elements that made up this brochure and then worked closely with the team to define what specific pages should go into the brochure and what the most important information was. We all agreed that whilst this was a promotional brochure, it was going to be used at the very beginning of the sales conversation and so it didn’t make sense to overload it with content. We agreed upon a set number of page types and then set about designing the layout, taking inspiration from the example brochure, and bringing it’s elements more in-line with Riverbank.

From the outset we new that this brochure needed to work both as a physical printed booklet, as well as a digital PDF, so we made sure to build with both those outcomes in mind. Continuing on from the branding and sales document work, we further established the icons and colour schemes of each service line within the booklet, making it clear and simple for the reader to flow through the booklet and easily understand what type of service they were looking at.

The final part of the project was to get the brochure printed. We worked closely with KMS Litho in Banbury, who organised an initial print run of 100 fantastic looking brochures ready to hand out to new prospects.


The final result was a fresh brand look and feel, with a set on bespoke icons for each service line. A brand new, beautifully printed promotional brochure, and a suite of ten two-page PDF sales documents to be utilised by the sales team and sent out to prospects.

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