Dare to bare all: why transparency works

Being nosey, curious and snoopy aren’t recognised as some of the best character traits of people, but they are something we can all admit are inherently human. This, from a content marketing perspective, is a great thing! Behind the scenes, unpolished, spur-of-the-moment copy is quicker, easier and cheaper to produce than expensive, fully scripted, tailored pieces. 

It also enables you to come across as more transparent and more trustworthy. But where do you start? The answer is to start recording EVERYTHING. Record your team meetings, record behind-the-scenes at exhibitions, record internal presentations, record meetings with clients. Start capturing everything and you will find that, more often than not, there is something in each instance that people will find interesting. 

Needless to say, please do keep your audience in mind and eliminate anything that they may find offensive or that may damage your reputation with clients. Record everything: don’t release everything.

Although it may seem counter-intuitive to share problems within your company, discussing how you overcame them or what lessons you have drawn from them will show the positive sides of how you operate. It shows audiences that you are a company that takes issues and problems in their stride and works through them. 

Showing another side to your company gives an opportunity to push content that will be valuable to your viewer, and value is the key to producing content that rises above the rest. Whether you achieve this by producing thought leadership videos or showing people beyond the content that sits on the homepage of your website, you are allowing people to learn.

If you believe in the core values of your company, then you shouldn’t be afraid of showing who you are and what makes you unique.