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Case Study


Title: Manything Promotional Videos

Delivery: Video content strategy, creative, pre-production, production, filming, direction, set design, set-build, casting, animation, post-production


What was the brief? 

Manything are a UK based software company who have developed an app to turn spare smart phones and tablets into home security cameras. 

They approached us in 2017 to produce 5 films to be housed on their website and in the app. 

  1. An overall proposition covering Manything for smart phones, tablets and CCTV cameras
  2. A video looking specifically at the functionality of smart phones and tablets.
  3. Another explaining the benefits of using Manything with a customer’s existing CCTV cameras. 
  4. A straightforward explainer video showing users how to sync the app with cameras.
  5. A video that explained the reseller programme aimed at CCTV installers.

How did we do it? 

giphy (8).gif

Tutorial and animation

We decided to produce a very straightforward tutorial video to make the directions as clear as possible. Next, we proposed to make the reseller programme video engaging whilst also informative, by producing an animation. 

We understood that Manything’s customers use the app for two key purposes. First, as a fun piece of technology used to satisfy a curiosity (what do your pets get up to when you’re not home? Who keeps nicking your sandwich at work?) and also from a security point of view, both for personal and business use.



For the three promotional films, we had the opportunity to get creative! We began by brainstorming what interesting scenarios the cameras might capture. Then, drawing from this list, we wrote the three scripts, aiming to find scenarios that could work across all three films to make the videos fast paced whilst keeping within our client’s budget. 

Our main challenge was working out how to get a large amount of technical information clearly through in a fun and engaging way. We let the product drive the narrative in the more complex videos, using the scenarios to clearly demonstrate the app's security capabilities whilst also showing the fun side of the product. We also developed a character-led story to demonstrate what a day in the life of a Manything customer might look like.

giphy-downsized-large (3).gif


Once the scripts, storyboards and our 23 scenarios were approved we went straight into pre production: casting actors (including one very adorable dog actor), extras, props, voice-over artists and finding the 25 necessary film locations. The full process, from our first script proposals, pre-production, four shoot days capturing 42 scenes, post-production and an animation, through to the delivery of all five videos took roughly seven weeks. 

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