1. the biggest challenge for one-man-bands, freelancers and consultants, is defining why they are different from their competitors.

2. the second biggest challenge is knowing how best to promote themselves online with their limited resources.

3. the third biggest challenge, is without (no.2) no one knows who they are - they fall into obscurity. and therefore there is no opportunity to solve (no.1), because no one knows they exist.

so ask yourself...

> How many opportunities do you think you miss out on purely because people don't know who you are?


> How many opportunities do you think you miss out on because their isn't enough of a clear difference between you and another competitor?


> Is there anything that you can do right now, to take yourself out of obscurity?


> Is there any action you can take right now to differentiate yourself from your competitors?


    This is NOT just a single video, this is a pool of resources that you can use to present yourself, CLEARER to your prospects, and BETTER than your competitors.


    This is everything you need to move out of obscurity.

    > 1 Version of the video for your Website

    > 1 Version of the video for LinkedIn

    > 1 Version of the video for your Proposals and Pitches

    > Everything you need to know on how and why to use these videos. We'll tell you how, we'll show you how, we'll give you the guides to help you master this video.

    Make it easier for both you and your prospect to work together.

    > People buy from people...correct? <

    >They also buy from people that they know, like and trust. <

    When someone contacts you and makes an enquiry, you have the opportunity to talk to them in more detail, tell them more about yourself and allow them to get know you further. 


    How do you make sure that they make contact with you in the first place? How do you tell them that you are the person to go with, that you are different from Jack, Jill, Dave, Clare, and everyone else that does the same thing as you?

    Make it easy for them to choose YOU over everyone else, and they will. Leave no doubt in their mind that you are THE ONE to make it happen, to make it work, to make them succeed in whatever it is they need from you.


    so ask yourself...

    > How easy is it for people to choose you right now? honestly?

    > What could you do right now, to make it so easy for people to buy from you, that they don't even entertain the thought of LOOKING AT someone else?


    Introduction Videos are not just pretty additions to your Website or your LinkedIn Page or your Proposals and Pitches.

    > Introduction Videos BUILD A RAPPORT

    > Introduction Videos BUILD TRUST


    > Introduction Videos REDUCE OBSCURITY

    > Introduction Videos ARE AN ASSET...FOR SALES...MARKETING.


    how can you help your prospects, help you, grow your business... right...now?


    Making your Introduction Video happen is simple...

    > Choose either a morning or an afternoon filming session at our studio on Milton Park, Abingdon.

    > Tell us whether you prefer Tea or Coffee.

    > We'll share with you a breakdown of questions we'll ask you and information about you and your business to think about.

    > We'll advise you on what to wear.

    > We'll advise you on what information we'll need to make the video, i.e. logos.

    > Filming lasts between 2-4 hours. It's a relaxed, sit down conversation with Jo, a member of our creative team, who will guide you through and ensure you're presented in the best light.

    > Editing and producing your final video takes about 7 days.

    > We'll provide you with a downloadable link to your set of videos.

    > We'll provide you access to our top secret resource, which will provide you with video guides and a PDF guide on how, where and why to use your videos.

    > We'll provide you access to our Online Content Marketing Resource, THE VIDEO BLUEPRINT, so they you can take your business even further by implementing video and content into your marketing.


    there are so many ways that you can use this video.

    and We're going to show you everything!!!

    There's so much that you can use your Introduction Video for...and we're going to tell you absolutely everything.

    We want you to use this everywhere, everyday. Here's the plan, here's everything you'll get to know.

    > Website Implementation - where to put it and why.

    > LinkedIn Implementation - where to put it, how to do it and why.

    > Sales Proposal Implementation - where and when to include it and why.

    > Email Newsletter Implementation - where to put it and why.

    > YouTube Implementation - where to put it, how to do it and how to use your YouTube video link effectively.



    We partner with our clients to help them to effectively communicate their unique stories to the right audience, and drive attention to their business.


    we make things look cool


    we have the best tools for the job