5 pieces of content you can create and share in 90 seconds or less

Article: 5 pieces of content you can create and share in 90s or Less

Content creation doesn’t need to be complex or time consuming. In fact there are plenty of things that you can create and share that you might not consider content, but that are very quick and easy to produce. Whilst there’s obviously huge amounts of value and ROI in more “professional” produced content, when you’re looking to build your brand and draw attention everyday, there often isn’t the time or money available to create works of art every time. So here’s 5 things that you can create and publish in 90 seconds or less.


This is actually two pieces of content for the price of one, so it’s a great place to start. Firstly, share a tweet on Twitter, some kind of statement, thought or question, that is purely text based. Think about things that will make people stop and think, what will add value to people’s lives right now.

Secondly, within the Twitter app on your phone, click on the tweet you just posted and capture a screenshot of the tweet. This will save the tweet as an image on your phone. Next, select the image and choose the editing function on your phone. Crop the image down so you’re left with just the text from the tweet itself, and then save the new image. You can now share this as a image on another platform. These work particularly well on LinkedIn.

If you wanted to jazz this up a bit more and make it more on brand, you could import the image into an app like Canva or Photoshop and add a border and some extra graphics.


Not all video content needs to be perfect or professionally produced. More and more we are becoming accustomed to seeing more raw, authentic, solo-produced videos, people sharing their thoughts and opinions on topical topics.

Think of a quick tip you can share with people, something that might help them today as they go about their work, or share a quick thought on something that is happening in culture, in the news or in your industry.

Next, find a quiet place to film, grab your mobile phone (you can use a camera if you want but a phone is quicker), then either hold it in your hand out in front of you, balance it on your desk or secure it to a mini tripod, hit record and start talking. When you’re finished stop the recording and this will save the video. You can trim the fat at beginning and end of the video (that first take that went wrong, or the sneeze you did at the end) by selecting the video and hitting the “edit button” on your phone, which will then allow you to trim both ends.

When you’ve done and happy with the video simply upload it as it is to whatever platform you choose.


These photos don’t need to be professionally taken either by a pro photographer or on a “proper” camera. You’re not posting this image or images to sell a product or service, but rather you’re posting this to build brand, to inform people about what you’re business is up too, to show the unique personalities of your team.

Firstly before you take the photo, make a decision on what story you will accompany this photo with. Think about what this photo shows or represents. Once you’ve done that, choose who you want in the shot and snap a photo on your mobile phone. Then upload this photo straight to your chosen platform: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram. And finally, add some copy, tell a story, provide context, why are you sharing this image? What will your audience get from it? And that’s it. You’re done.


Hopefully you have some great reviews from your clients, these might be Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews or LinkedIn Recommendations. Whichever it is, these are fantastic pieces of content to share as they build trust with your audience and allow you to show how great your business is without you personally having to say it.

To share a customer review firstly navigate to whichever platform the review is on i.e. Google Review. Then, capture a screenshot of the review (you can do this on your mobile phone or on your computer), and crop the image down in your image preview software or app so you’re left with just the review copy. And finally upload this as an image to your chosen platform and again add some context driven copy about why you’re sharing this, and there you go…done.

Similarly with the tweet image, if you wanted to jazz this up a little bit you could import the image into an app like Canva, or Photoshop and add a nice coloured border or some other graphics etc.


It seems to simple to be true, but a purely text-based post is still a piece of content, and one that takes next to no time to create. If you’re using Facebook or LinkedIn (these work best in LinkedIn), why not ask your audience or connections a question. Perhaps you could benefit from some feedback on something you’re working on, or maybe you need some help or advice, or possibly you need to conduct some basic market research for a new product you’re thinking of launching. Whatever it is, use question based text posts to engage with your audience and get them to engage with you back.

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