Dream bigger than they’ll let you

Article: Dream Bigger than they'll let you

Entrepreneurship is hot right now, hotter than it’s ever been. With so many opportunities available to budding business men and women there has been a massive influx of entrepreneurs into the system. To me though, there is a big difference between a business owner and an entrepreneur.

I’m not trying to disregard the former, anyone brave enough to start a business deserves massive respect, however there are a vast number of people who have, for lack of a better description, created a job for themselves. Now that is amazing, to be able to go it alone and make enough money for you to continue, if not enhance your lifestyle is a worthy achievement. And different people have different levels of ambition. Ultimately starting a business for yourself is about freedom, it’s about doing it your way, and for that I applaud you all.

However this article is for those who dare to dream bigger than anyone around them could possibly ever fathom. This article is for those who want to change the world, who get told at every turn to not work so hard, to take a break, those who get cornered by their friends and family and accused of not being around, disappearing for months on end. This article is for those who feel misunderstood.

This article is for me.

If you map the journey of every big business and big-time entrepreneur, you’ll notice two key things. Number one – they were inherently dissatisfied with something and wanted to go about changing the world or an industry in some way or another. And number two – they did it their way, they kept going and they never let anyone talk them out of it, no matter how crazy the ambition.

As the millennial generation shoot into their 30s, mental health has also become prominent in our society, and has, for better I believe, become a big conversation in entrepreneurship. We as millennials are impatient, myself included, we’re also unafraid of voicing our opinions – for better or worse. Yet we are also more sensitive and take more to heart, and I think this is a big problem for many entrepreneurs.

I feel there is a split amongst my generation, a split between those looking to start the next big thing, those looking to be entrepreneurs, those looking to take advantage of the immense opportunities gifted to us by the internet, and those who are following the normal path.

Neither path is right or wrong, they are both ultimately a choice, and yet there is a lot of negative energy I feel, pushed upon those trying to build something. We work incredibly hard as a generation, whether that be for someone else, or for ourselves, and we are more dedicated to fighting for causes we believe in, but for some reason, we are somewhat perceived to have our heads in the clouds.

The one phrase that pisses me off more than any is “in your dreams”. It’s said with such negative disdain, that its almost an insult, a punch in the gut, a subtle dig. Dreams are not and never have been, some unobtainable notion that should only ever be voiced in secret. Dreams are a calling card, a reason to move forward, a reason to be. We are in charge of our own realities, and sure we need to be realistic, if our business is losing tens of thousands of pounds, then maybe it’s not quite right, but that doesn’t mean we give up. Sure it didn’t work this time but that doesn’t mean all is lost, that doesn’t mean the next one won’t work.

Now I’m not trying to give you advice or tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. However if you have a cause, an idea, an ambition that keeps you up at night, that you can’t help by work on in the small hours, then you need to push forward and make it happen. You need to believe in yourself and ignore the voices around you.

There will be naysayers, people who love you that do not, and will not understand. Who will try and tell you to pack it in when things go bad. Who will ask you when is enough enough when things are on a high. Who will say, why can’t you just be satisfied with what you have?

This is all just noise, another challenge that you must navigate. Entrepreneurs are brave and bold, hungry and ferocious, they are the ones of dare to dream out loud, whilst everyone else looks on in longing silence.

Dream big, dream as big as you can, bigger even still, be the one who changes the world, or at least the one who tried. It is only those who dare to be different, that will make the world turn. Be proud of your successes and your failures. Be proud of where you’ve been, where you are, and where you wish to be.

We are entrepreneurs, we can’t stop. We don’t know any different, and that’s ok. Because this is who we are. So dream big, bigger than they will ever let you. One day they will see what you see.

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