How and why you should revisit old videos to create new content

Article: How and why you should revisit old video to create new content

If you’ve been in a business a little while it’s likely that you’ve got some videos hidden away on a server somewhere that neither you nor anyone else has looked at in months, if not years. You may consider these videos too old to use now, but I’m confident to bet that there is a lot in them that is still relevant to your business today.

Creating fresh video content is important, not just promotional videos for your products and services, but also quick fire, unpolished videos for social media. And yet there is a lot you can do with old video footage that with a little bit of re-editing, some fresh graphics, maybe a new music track, you can make a great new piece of content with very small amount of time and money input.

At Warpline, we look at how we can repurpose our old videos all the time, and I wanted to share with you some ways that you can revisit your old videos and turn them into fresh new content.


We all love a good success story, it’s interesting to see how companies have developed and evolved over the years. If you made some videos when you first started, why not revisit them, film a few new bits and make a video talking about how you’re business has changed over the years.

Make it fun but not too long, its a nice piece of content to send out to clients who have been with you a while, sales leads and prospects who are just getting to know you and share it amongst your network on LinkedIn.


No doubt you’re industry has moved on since you filmed your last batch of informative videos, but it’s likely that the meat of your thoughts, ideas and opinions are the same. Look through your old videos and work out what’s still relevant. If it’s been a while since you shared them it’s likely your clients and network have forgotten about them. Simply sharing them again will give them a new lease of life and you likely won’t need to do anything beyond perhaps updating your logo if you’ve gone through a rebrand since then.


If you worked with a video production company, marketing agency, or you filmed them yourselves, the videos you have are probably in a landscape format. Now, not to confuse you, this is, alway has been and always will be the standard video format. However this offers up a whole new world of editing options to make these old videos looking brand spanking new.

You’ve probably seen videos on social media with the video in the centre and text and/or graphics around the top and bottom. This square video format style is called letterboxing, and it’s a great way to reuse old videos and make them feel like new content. A lot of people like to write a catchy title or statement at the top, some that’s going to grab attention, that sums up the content of the video, and then either put subtitles, a website address or some other type of graphic at the bottom.

With this design style you could rehash the same video 3 of more times by simply changing the titles and the graphics around it.


Sometimes the context of the video may not be relevant anymore, perhaps the topic and facts you’re talking about and out of date and have changed since you made the video, but perhaps some of the shots in the video look nice and could be shared in other ways.

A screenshot is a still image taken and saved from a video. By pulling screenshots from your videos you can then edit them in the same way you edit photos and can then add text, graphics and other things on top of them to create quote cards, behind the scenes images and as many other things as you can think of.


Before you begin re-editing your old videos check first to see if you have the old, unedited footage. There’s a lot you can do with the final video itself, but if you have access to the raw, unedited files it will make it a lot of easy to repurpose them in a multitude of different ways. You’ll be able to separate the audio, remove music if you don’t like it and access video clips that perhaps didn’t make it into the final video.

If you filmed the videos yourselves you likely have this on a hard drive somewhere. If you hired a video production company then you might want to ask them if they still have the footage and ask them to send it to you.

If you don’t have access to this don’t worry, there is still a lot you can do with the final video and can repurpose them quite easily.

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