How to turn your networking elevator pitch into a promotional video for your business

Article: How to turn your networking elevator pitch into a promotional video for your business

As a small business, video marketing may seem like an expensive, unobtainable marketing tool, however as mobile phone technology has evolved, so has the audio and visual quality of these devices. And for business owners looking for something more engaging that can inject more personality into their website or LinkedIn profile, there is one simple video approach that is perfect to help you get started.

Now I’m guessing that the vast majority of you have attended some kind of business networking event, be it on an ad-hoc basis or perhaps you belong to a specific group that meets regularly. Either way you’re probably familiar with the 60 second elevator pitch that each attendee presents to the group. These pitches are a golden opportunity to tell people who you are, what you do and why everyone should forward work your way.

The trick with these is to make them concise, slick and engaging – 60 seconds really isn’t that long to make an impression, so it’s a good opportunity to really hone and craft you key messages. You do that and the more chance you have of receiving business referrals from these events.

These carefully crafted elevator pitches are also a great source of content for a simple promotional or introduction video for your business. The succinct and to-the-point structure of your 60 second pitch is the perfect format for these kinds of videos. The aim is create something that gives viewers enough insight in you, your business, your values and what you do. As a small business owner people are buying you, more than they’re buying your services, so it’s all about presenting you as someone they feel they can do business with. 60 seconds is a nice length for a first impression video, if you go too long it’s likely that people will drop off and not consume the full video.

So by taking a pre-existing 60 second pitch that you frequently use at a networking event and presenting it in front of a camera, you are taking your first steps into video marketing, by repurposing something you’ve already created and are empowering yourself with a short, engaging piece of content that has a huge array of uses and shareable options online, from embedding it into your website and email newsletters, to sharing it across your ever growing list of social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. You’re also doing this at a fraction of the cost.


One option is you could of course hire a video production company, marketing consultant or marketing agency to create one for you. If you’re looking for a more polished look and feel to your video then you may want to explore this route.

However, if you can’t afford it or would prefer to experiment by yourself then your mobile phone is the perfect tool. Below we’ve put together a list of everything you’ll need to get started.

  • A mobile phone (the newer the better as the image and sound quality will be better)
  • A small tripod (either something that can extend from the floor to eye level, or one that you can put on top of a table to get to the right height)
  • A well lit room (nothing says low budget like a dark image – it’s also quite unflattering)
  • A quiet room (the microphones on newer mobile phones a re pretty great, but in a noisy environment they will struggle – you want to make sure people can hear what you’re saying)

A professional clip-on (also called a lapel or lavalier) microphone would be beneficial, but not completely necessary if you’ve chosen your filming location carefully. The benefit to these microphones is that they are placed very close to your mouth so are in a perfect position to capture very clear, crisp audio without much interference from background. Rode Microphones make a great clip-on microphone for mobile phones if you’d like to look into this. Here’s the Amazon link.

So why not take your first steps into video marketing and repurpose a pitch you like already have to tell people what you do and why you’re awesome at it in a very simple, inexpensive way.

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