Website Checklist: 12 things you need to think about


Don’t even think about building a new website until you’re clear about these 12 things!

Whether you’re creating a website for a brand new business or updating an existing one, it’s safe to say it is a significant investment, both in time and money.

The design of the website is really important, as is the ease of navigation for visitors, but you can easily throw all that away if you don’t have these 12 core fundamental details covered.

Now these might not all relate to you – for example if you don’t sell any digital or physical products you won’t need an E-Commerce store – but you need to think deeply and be crystal clear on everything that is required for your business to ensure you’re new website can be a success.

So before you hand over a deposit to a Website Designer, download this checklist and really think about what you need to have in place before you hit GO.

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