Why you should be in every piece of video content your company makes

Article: Why you should be in every piece of video content

Someone asked me recently, I run a small business and we want to start making videos but I’m worried about being in all of them. I’m worried that it might look like I’m building a personal brand and not a business, people might think it’s just me.

I understand the concern, if you’re a small business owner and you put yourself in all of the video content, people of course might assume that the business is just you. And I get it, when you start out and it is just you, you hustle and grind to make enough money to hire people and to build what you consider “an actual business”, and you want people to know how many of you there are because you want them to know that you have the skills and resources to support them and that ultimately you’re succeeding. However what’s really the worst that’s going to happen?

Two entrepreneurs that I look up to are Gary Vaynerchuk and Grant Cardone, both of whom have very big personal brands, both of whom run very big companies and both of whom make a shit ton of money. If you ask them what impact their personal brands have had on their companies, they will tell you that their personal brands have helped them to open more doors, get in front of more people and ultimately grow their businesses.

If you really want to grow your business, you need attention. Fortunately we’re living through an era right now where attention is very easy to get. Sure there’s a lot of competition on social media and on Google, but the attention is there, you just need to go and get it.

I think it’s inherently important, especially as a small business, for the business owner to be in the videos. These people started the business for a reason, they are usually the face of the business and often one of, if not the very first person a new prospect or client meets. If anything, having your face everywhere makes the business seem more human, more authentic and more real to someone.

As consumers we want a more human interaction, we want to know more about the business and the people we’re about to work with. Gen Z are flocking to apps like snapchat and TikTok and consuming huge amounts of YouTube content from vloggers and creators because the content is more raw, more imperfect, more real.

Now if you have employees, they can and should be part of the videos too, if you feel it makes sense for them to do so, and of course if they are happy too, but they are following your vision, your direction, so you should be the person of authority inside and outside of the business.

So what happens if all of this content ends up leading to the creation of a personal brand for yourself? Well surely that’s a good thing right? If you start to get invited to speak at events, get paid to make appearances and have people queuing up to work with you, isn’t that something to celebrate and be proud of? I understand the concern, really I do, but at the end of the day, as the business owner, you are the business, whether you’re at £35,000, £100,000 or £2 million.

My biggest piece of advice to you is to not overthink your video content. Be in the video, don’t be in the video, it’s entirely up to you. Make what makes sense to you and use the resources you have available to you. If you don’t have staff then the video is going to have to be you. If you do have staff, bring them into the videos too.

Just talk your truth, share your thoughts and feelings, and go and get the attention you need. You can build a personal brand by accident and just continue to grow your business – you don’t need to worry about creating your own website, or creating a new Instagram account. If after a while you don’t like the limelight or you feel it’s distracting people from the rest of your business, then stop, put someone else in the video. The beauty is you can stop and pivot anytime you want, but you do need to start.

You and your business will be far worse off if you don’t do anything than if you make 100 videos of yourself on your phone. If you’re making videos then your mind should be on one thing, achieving your dreams. Do that and a personal brand will come, if you want it to. And if you don’t want it to, it won’t – you don’t have to suddenly become a speaker or an Instagram celebrity. But you and your business will benefit either way and your dreams will become reality, and wouldn’t that be great to happen.

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