Understand Your Investment

A complete breakdown of starting prices for all communication assets

Creative projects have a lot of moving parts that can influence the final price. However for you, that’s not particularly useful, so we’re owning our prices to make it easier for you to understand the kind of investment you’re undertaking.


Video Production

Video Editing – from £300 + VAT

Using your pre-filmed or old video footage to create fresh new content.

Software Demonstration Video – from £800 + VAT

Demonstrate how your software or technology works, it’s key features and how to use it.

Product Demonstration Video – from £1000 + VAT

Demonstrate how your physical product works, it’s key features and how to use it.

Corporate Video – from £2500 + VAT

Educate people about your business.

Event Video – from £1500 + VAT

Event promos, conference and seminars videos.

Promotional Video – from £2500 + VAT

Promote your business, product, service or idea.

Introduction Video – from £1300 + VAT

For single person businesses to introduce themselves.

Testimonial / Case Study Video – from £1000 + VAT

In-depth customer testimonial or case study videos.

Training Video – from £1500 + VAT

Educate your team members on new practices, procedures and techniques.

Recruitment & HR Video – from £1500 + VAT

Inform new, current and prospective team members about your business.

Online Course – from £2000 + VAT

A suite of videos to populate your online training course.

Pre-recorded Webinar – from £1500 + VAT

A pre-recorded webinar ready to run whenever you need it.

Live Streaming – from £600 + VAT

Live stream workshops, seminars, panels and conferences to everywhere that matters.



Whiteboard Animation – from £750 + VAT

Hand drawn style animation, built using our templated animation software with customisable pre-build elements.

Cartoon Templated Animation – from £750 + VAT

A cartoon style animation with animated characters, built using our templated animation software with customisable pre-build elements.

Text Animation – from £1500 + VAT

Bespoke text-based animation.

Bespoke 2D Animation – from £3000 + VAT

Bespoke 2D animation custom-built from scratch by our animation team.



Headshot Photography – from £150 + VAT

Solo, team and group photographs for your website, LinkedIn and beyond.

Press Photography – from £300 + VAT

Fast turnaround press photography to capture moments that matter, delivered the same day.

Event Photography – from £500 + VAT

Capturing the best parts of your event as they happen.

Product Photography – from £500 + VAT

Dynamic advertising images to promote your products.

Promotional Photography – from £800 + VAT

Dynamic images to promote your business and services.


Graphic Design & Branding

Company Branding / Rebranding – from £2000 + VAT

Complete branding or rebranding of a business.

Powerpoint Presentation Templates – from £1750 + VAT

Design and creation of a powerpoint template that is fully editable.

PDF Presentations – from £1050 + VAT

Design and creation of fixed PDF presentations that are not editable.

Infographics – from £550 + VAT

Visually showcase how something works in a one-page plus infographic.

Brochures – from £1400 + VAT

Digital and print ready brochures to promote your business and services.

Icon Design – from £550 + VAT

Design and creation of icons to differentiate your services and products, for us on your website and beyond.

Document Templates – from £350 + VAT

Ready to use document templates for you to fill in and complete whenever you need them.

Document Design – from £350 + VAT

Design and creation of digital documents for you to use as your sales, marketing, HR and internal communications.

Business Card Design – from £350 + VAT

Print ready business cards.

Flyers, Posters & Menus – from £550 + VAT

Print ready single and multi-page assets.

Character Design – from £1050 + VAT

Bespoke character design to match your brand, mission and personality.

Email Signature – from £350 + VAT

Interactive email signatures to help your contacts navigate to where you want them the most.

Event Display Banners – from £700 + VAT

Print ready display banners for use at events, trade shows and inside your office.

Print Advertising – from £550 + VAT

Advertising pieces for magazines and newspapers.

Social Media Images – from £700 + VAT

Packs of images for posting on social media or running as paid ads.

Google Display Ads – from £700 + VAT

Packs of images for running as Google Display Ads.

For any printing requirements we can suggest local printers to work with, alternatively we can manage the printing for you using one of our printing partners. However there will be an additional charge of £200 + VAT to manage the printing process on your behalf.



Website Copy – from £500 + VAT

Engaging, impact driven webpage copy for your brand new or existing website.

Brochure Copy – from £250 + VAT (first 500 words)

Impact driven sales and marketing copy for your digital and printed brochures.

Written Case Studies – from £250 + VAT (first 800 words)

Insightful written case studies delving deep into your best projects.

White Papers – from £250 + VAT (first 500 words)

Detailed written reports to establish your thoughts and insights in your industry.

Scriptwriting – from £250 + VAT

Informative, emotional and thought-provoking scripts for videos and animations.

Documents & Guides – from £250 + VAT (first 500 words)

Insightful and informative copy for your internal and external communications, marketing and sales activities.

Presentations – from £250 + VAT (first 500 words)

Engaging supporting copy for your sales, marketing and webinar presentations.

Partner With Us

Whether you know exactly what you want or would simply like to discuss an idea you have in your head, we can help launch it into reality.

It's Time For Change

Redesigning a brand

Lisa came to us looking to redesign and rebrand her business, with a brand new logo, business cards and. We worked closely with her to understand her business and more important how she saw it, before developing a selection of concepts for her to explore and choose from. This design element was one part of a wider project that also incorporated video production and photography.

Gemma Pearce Fitness

An action-packed promotional website video

Gemma wanted to produce a fun, dynamic and energetic video for her website; something that presented a flavour of each of her exercise classes. This video was filmed in two hours with one camera, and captured alongside a selection of action-packed photographs. This a great example of how video production doesn’t need to be overcomplicated.