Quick Deals

Short budget-friendly creative projects that just need doing

Quick Snaps

Hourly Photoshoots from £150 - £300

Quick and simple photoshoots for those moments that need capturing.

  • Have you hired a new team member?
  • Are you opening a new building?
  • Are you welcoming a VIP visitor?
  • Are you hosting a charity event?

Whatever it is you’re doing, if you need a photographer to stop by for an hour or two to ensure you capture that perfect moment, then Quick Snaps is for you.

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Press Photography Example

Quick Edits

Hourly Video Editing from £75 - £300

Quick and simple video editing for those projects that need finishing off and tidying up.

  • Tidy up a Zoom recording
  • Finesse a mobile phone recording
  • Edit some clips together
  • Add text to a video

Whatever it is you’re doing, if you have a short video that needs tidying up, jazzing up or stitching together, then Quick Edits is for you.

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James and the team at Warpline are fantastic! I’ve worked with James on many projects over the last 4 years and when I decided to start up my own business last month, there was no one else I wanted to work with.

Laura, Patter of Paws

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Whatever it is you need to sort, Quick Deals has you covered.

  • Same or next day turnarounds for Quick Snaps photoshoots.
  • Two day turnarounds for Quick Edits video projects.