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Warpline Nebula

Photography at Warpline

Capturing the real you

Photography today should do two things: document what you’re doing, and promote what you’re selling. These images say a lot about your business. They should be real and authentic to you.

What do you want people to learn about you from them? What do you want them to think?

Our Photography Process

  1. Pre-production – this stage is where we define and develop the concept for the photoshoot and really understand what type of photos we’re looking to capture. For some projects this might be quite simple, for others, we may be developing a fresh concept to match the personality and branding of your company.

  2. Production – this stage is where we head out and capture all of the photos, working with you and your team and any models that we may have as part of the project. Photoshoots may be out on site or in a studio.

  3. Editing & Delivery – at this final stage we go through all of the photos that were captured, pulling out the best versions. Most photos need a little bit of tidying up (Photoshop as lots of people put it), where we crop the images, remove any blemishes and tweak the colours. For some photo projects this might involve more in-depth editing for larger promotional photo projects.

What we make

  • Headshot Photography
  • Press Photography
  • Event Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Promotional Photography

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Active England

Exploring the beautiful English countryside

Active England run extensive walking and cycling tours across the UK that takes tourists deep into the heart of England. They wanted to refresh the imagery on their website and showcase a wider range of locations and venues from across the tours. We captured dynamic photographs throughout The Cotswolds and Bath creating highlights for both the walking and the cycling tours individually.

Active England

33 Beaumont Street Dental Practise

Profiling a friendly customer team

33 Beaumont Street is a high profile private dental practise in the centre of Oxford. To accompany their brand new website they wanted to capture the unique personalities of their team and present a personable and friendly tone for new customers. We captured a range of dynamic images of the team at work, as well as standout headshots of each person.