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Video marketing is set to continue building huge momentum throughout 2020. For businesses across the world it’s becoming a key part of their content marketing strategies.

We’re proud to be able to offer scalable video production through our in-house team, from complex briefs to basic content, that’s accessible to all.

Our Video Production Process

  1. Pre-Production – Stage 1 is where the creative concept for the video or animation is defined, developed & written and where the project schedule is planned out. All videos are different, so at this stage we may be covering any of the following:

    • Video Concept Development – this is the starting off point of the project, an opportunity to develop and build on the creative idea for the video.
    • Scriptwriting and Video Structuring – regardless of the creative style, all videos will go through a scriptwriting or structuring process. For some a complete script might be written to be read by an actor presenter or member of your team, for others the script might be looser and developed more as a rough structure for the video.
    • Project Management – each video project has a dedicated project manager who is in charge of mapping out the project schedule and liaising with the creative team to collate feedback and keep the project on track.
  2. Production – Stage 2 is where all the video and audio elements required for the video or animation are captured and produced. All videos are different, so at this stage we may be covering any of the following:

    • Filming – most videos require some level of footage to be captured, either out on site or in a studio. This might involve interviews, the business at work, the event or working with actors.
    • Screen Recording – for demonstration videos of software, apps, websites and other tech products, there is likely to be a screen recording element required for this video.
    • Audio & Voiceover Recording – some videos may require a voiceover of other custom audio elements to be recorded. Voiceovers are either recorded on-site, in the studio or remotely.
  3. Editing & Delivery – Stage 3 is where the video or animation itself is created, putting all of the different elements together. During this stage we will be sharing different versions of the video with you and asking for your feedback. All videos are different, so at this stage we may be covering any of the following:

    • Video Editing – this is where all of the video footage is edited together, working closely to the script and video structure.
    • Audio Editing – this is where all of the audio and sound elements are edited together, including voiceovers, music and sound effects.
    • Animation & Motion Graphics – some videos may require some animation and motion graphic elements such as text graphics, iconography and other elements. For complete animation projects, this is where the animation is created.

What we make


  • Video Editing
  • Software Demonstration Videos
  • Product Demonstration Videos
  • Corporate Videos
  • Event Videos
  • Promotional Videos
  • Introduction Videos
  • Testimonial / Case Study Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Recruitment & HR Videos
  • Online Course
  • Pre-recorded Webinar
  • Live Streaming


  • Whiteboard Animations
  • Cartoon Templated Animations
  • Text Animations
  • Bespoke 2D Animations

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A suite of marketing videos

Manything wanted to create a selection of videos to promote their app service to a variety of different customer types. The suite consisted of three promotional videos to market the app, one demonstration video to assist users on how to set it up, and one animated video to highlight a particular unique service for one customer segment. This is the main advert.

Gemma Pearce Fitness

An action-packed promotional website video

Gemma wanted to produce a fun, dynamic and energetic video for her website; something that presented a flavour of each of her exercise classes. This video was filmed in two hours with one camera, and captured alongside a selection of action-packed photographs. This a great example of how video production doesn’t need to be overcomplicated.