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Your business needs video

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that video is important to our lives and our businesses. If it wasn’t for Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet, we would have all found it difficult to communicate with each other and our customers.

So as the world opens up again, how can you continue to use video to reach new customers, close more deals and communicate effectively with your teams, wherever they are?

The video conferencing platforms we’ve all been glued to for the last year, have in their own right, become quality video production tools.

This video was actually made entirely from projects created using Zoom.


What video is right for you?

Professional videos take many forms, but the most important aspect is defining what you’re looking to achieve.

There’s promotional videos for marketing campaigns.

Client case study videos to strengthen your proposals.

Social media content to engage your audience.

Product demonstrations to bring your solutions to life.

Training & educational videos to empower your own team and your customers.

With the right message and the right creative idea you can find more clients, win more deals, grow your team and blow your competitors out of the water.

Already got some footage?

Some video projects don’t actually require any filming.

Many businesses like yours gather together video clips that can be pieced together to create short videos for a whole host of activities.

This footage might have been professionally filmed, it might have come from Zoom, or it might be something you and your colleagues have filmed with your mobile phones.

Whatever you have, if you feel it shows your business in the best light and would be useful to market yourselves to new customers, then you need to get that hard drive over to a video editor pronto!

With some great editing, the right choice of music and some select graphics, your footage can become something truly spectacular.


Let's Work Together

Whoever you’re looking to reach and whatever you’re looking to say, we have a solution for you that will enhance your digital communication.

At this stage you may or may not necessarily know what you’re looking for and that’s ok.

To help you navigate your way forward, we’d like to set up a no-obligation video call to learn more about you, answer all of the questions you need to ask and uncover some creative ideas along the way.

Sounds good? Fill in the form and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Oh, and you’re probably wondering about price right?

Honestly, all videos are different and depend on the complexity of the idea, the time required for filming and a host of other variables.

However you can expect prices for traditional video to start at £1500 and £2000 for animation.

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