Using Event Photography to add attendees into your sales pipeline

We all look at social media as a means of distribution for our content, which, it is, at least some of the time. The rest of the time social media is, well, social. It’s about connecting with others and enriching one another lives by talking and sharing our insights about the world. But how do you actually start an authentic conversation on Twitter, on Instagram, on Facebook?

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James Quayle
Dare to bare all: why transparency works

Being nosey, curious and snoopy aren’t recognised as some of the best character traits of people, but they are something we can all admit are inherently human. This, from a content marketing perspective, is a great thing! Behind the scenes, unpolished, spur-of-the-moment copy is quicker, easier and cheaper to produce than expensive, fully scripted, tailored pieces. 

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Native LinkedIn Video: will it get you customers?

LinkedIn native video. It took them long enough, but we finally have a native video option on the platform! So what does “native” mean? Simply put, it is a video that plays within the LinkedIn newsfeed without the need to send people to another website such as YouTube or Vimeo to view it.

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